Postseason pairings for Class 4A football

The playoff brackets for the Class 4A football playoffs have been set.

The No. 1 team from the 4A Greater St. Helens League will play the No. 4 team from the North Puget Sound League Olympic Division in the state preliminary round on Nov. 4 or 5.

The winner will host the winner of the No. 2 team from South Puget Sound League and No. 3 team from NPSL Cascade Division in the state first round.

That winner will travel north to play the surviving team from the KingCo Conference or NPSL Cascade Division in the state quarterfinals.

The No. 2 team from the 4A GSHL will travel to play the No. 3 team from the South Puget Sound League in the preliminary round.

The winner will travel east to play the state first round against the No. 2 team from the Greater Spokane League or No. 1 team from the Mid-Columbia Conference.

That winner will host a state quarterfinal game.

Here’s how it breaks down

Participating leagues: North Puget Sound League Olympic and Cascade Divisions, Wesco Conference, South Puget Sound League, KingCo Conference, Greater St. Helens League, Greater Spokane League, Mid-Columbia Conference, Big 9 League

Second team listed is designated home team

State preliminary round (Nov. 4-5)

Q1, NPSL Olympic 3 vs. Wesco 2
Q2, Wesco 4 vs. SPSL 1
Q3, Wesco 3 vs. NPSL Cascade 2
Q4, SPSL 5 vs. KingCo 1
Q5, NPSL Cascade 3 vs. SPSL 2
Q6, NPSL Olympic 4 vs. GSHL 1
Q7, NPSL Cascade 4 vs. KingCo 2
Q8, KingCo 4 vs. NPSL Cascade 1
Q9, SPSL 4 vs. NPSL Olympic 1
Q10, NPSL Cascade/Olympic 5 vs. Wesco 1
Q11, GSHL 2 vs. SPSL 3
Q12, GSL 2 vs. MCC 1
Q13, KingCo 3 vs. NPSL Olympic 3
Q14, MCC 2 vs. GSL 1

State first round (Nov. 11-12)

G1, Q1 winner vs. Q2 winner
G2, Q3 winner vs. Q4 winner
G3, Q5 winner vs. Q6 winner
G4, Q7 winner vs. Q8 winner
G5, Q9 winner vs. Q10 winner
G6, Q11 winner vs. Q12 winner
G7, Q13 winner vs. Big 9 1
G8, Big 9 2 vs. Q14 winner

State quarterfinals (Nov. 18-19)

G9, G1 winner vs. G2 winner
G10, G3 winner vs. G4 winner
G11, G5 winner vs. G6 winner
G12, G7 winner vs. G8 winner

State semifinals (Nov. 25-26)

G13, G9 winner vs. G10 winner
G14, G11 winner vs. G12 winner


G13 winner vs. G14 winner


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