Amazing full-court shot wins high school game, but it shouldn’t have counted

So I follow several Twitter accounts that often share amazing plays in high school sports.

And sometimes, I like to share some of these videos here.

This week, I’m sharing an amazing full-court length shot at the buzzer from a game in Wilmington, Pa.

In a game between Reynolds and Wilmington on Tuesday, Wilmington’s Spencer Demedal scores with 2.5 seconds to go.

As the Wilmington fans celebrate an assumed 66-65 victory, Reynolds’ Jacob Reimold takes the inbounds pass and flings the ball a good 75 feet towards the basket.

And it went in. Final score: Reynolds 68, Wilmington 66.

Video of Reimold’s amazing shot went viral, even making its way onto Sportscenter’s Top Ten on ESPN.

But here’s the thing: It should not have counted.

When I watched the video, I was watching the reaction of everyone — I love watching reactions on these types of play. And I quickly noticed Wilmington’s coach running out onto the floor to plead with the refs that the shot was not released before the buzzer sounded.

So I went back to listen to see if I could determine if he was right. The problem was that Wilmington’s gym has one of the most quiet buzzers I’ve ever heard, and it’s really hard to determine when the buzzer sounds, even after repeating viewings.

But then I noticed that the scoreboard was still visible in the frame as Reimold releases the ball.

When you freeze the frame when the clock goes to 0.0, it looks like this.

Clock at 0.0. Ball still in shooter's hands

Clock at 0.0. Ball still in shooter’s hands

Yes, it was an amazing shot. No, it should not have counted.

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