The most awesome free throw distraction stunt you have seen or may ever see

This probably wouldn’t fly in Wisconsin, but it’s awesome.

In Wisconsin, activities that are specifically listed as unsportsmanlike do not include “simulating childbirth.” But examples that are listed as sportsmanship infractions include:

No. 17 “Fan participation activities while the game is actually being played (disrespectful to the game and the competitors by drawing attention away from the activity).

Luckily in Ohio, they have no such restrictions. Because Ohio is awesome, and Wisconsin is not.

Here is a stunt by Sheridan High School students in Thornville, Ohio to distract a rival player shooting a free throw.

Bleacher Report said the stunt is the kind you might expect as a college game, not a high school game and “hopefully, they continue their shenanigans and raise the bar even higher.”

We agree.

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