3A Greater St. Helens League volleyball all-league team

Player of the year: Evi Wilson, OH/MB, Columbia River


Evi Wilson, OH/MB, Columbia River

Esti Wilson, OH/MB, Columbia River

Abby Wilmington, OH/MB, Columbia River

Huong Nguyen, OH/MB, Prairie

Andrea Demlow, OH/MB, Columbia River

Page Heller, S, Columbia River

Tessa Doerfler, SP, Prairie

Taylor Connelly, SP, Kelso


Nina Bailey, OH/MB, Prairie; Randi Williamson, OH/MB, Kelso; Zoe McBride, OH/MB, Prairie; Karli Moore, OH/MB, Kelso; Lilly Freshwater, S, Columbia River; Audrey Hawthorne, SP, Columbia River; Allison Frank, SP, Columbia River

Coach of the year: Kaitlin Johnson, Columbia River

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