Week 9 prep football predictions of Prep Proletariat and Score Czar

The regular season of the high school football season is almost over.

So it’s a time to check the scoreboard to see how the Prep Proletariat and the Score Czar have done predicting outcomes of high school football games this season.

For the season, the Prep Proletariat is picking winners at a 75.4 percent rate. He is 89-29 this season.

Compared to the Score Czar’s prediction rate of games statewide, that’s not very good. The Score Czar is picking winners statewide at a 79.6 percent rate (616-157).

However, the Score Czar does not pick winners in the first three weeks of the season, while the Prep Proletariat does.

Since Week 4, the Prep Proletariat’s pick rate improves to 81.4 percent (57-13).

But the Prep Proletariat only picks games in Southwest Washington for games involving teams in Class 4A to 1A.

The Score Czar, picking the same games the Prep Proletariat picks, is picking winners at 67.1 percent (47-23).

Here are the predicted outcomes for Week 9 in Southwest Washington. And what you’ll notice is that the Prep Proletariat and Score Czar are more in agreement, with only one swing game. In fact, most of the scores are very close, including one identical predicted score.

PP: Skyview 35, Union 14
SC: Skyview 33, Union 13

ACTUAL: Skyview 38, Union 21

PP: Camas 42, Heritage 10
SC: Camas 42, Heritage 7

ACTUAL: Camas 44, Heritage 10

PP: Mountain View 48, Evergreen 6
SC: Mountain View 35, Evergreen 10

ACTUAL: Mountain View 40, Evergreen 17

PP: Kelso 26, Columbia River 20
SC: Kelso 26, Columbia River 20

ACTUAL: Columbia River 24, Kelso 14

PP: Hockinson 38, R.A. Long 0
SC: Hockinson 32, R.A. Long 0

ACTUAL: Hockinson 53, R.A. Long 0

PP: Ridgefield 27, Hudson’s Bay 7
SC: Ridgefield 28, Hudson’s Bay 0

ACTUAL: Ridgefield 31, Hudson’s Bay 0

PP: Mark Morris 20, Washougal 13
SC: Washougal 22, Mark Morris 19

ACTUAL: Mark Morris 23, Washougal 7

PP: Kalama 27, Castle Rock 20
SC: Kalama 28, Castle Rock 13

ACTUAL: Kalama 28, Castle Rock 0

PP: Columbia-White Salmon 36, Stevenson 12
SC: Columbia-White Salmon 29, Stevenson 0

ACTUAL: Columbia-White Salmon 41, Stevenson 0

PP: Woodland 33, Fort Vancouver 20
SC: Woodland 29, Fort Vancouver 11

ACTUAL: Woodland 49, Fort Vancouver 6

PP: Battle Ground 42, Prairie 0
SC: Battle Ground 27, Prairie 8

ACTUAL: Battle Ground 42, Prairie 0

PP: Salem Academy 46, King’s Way Christian 34
SC: Salem Academy 29, King’s Way Christian 15

ACTUAL: Salem Academy 54, King’s Way Christian 14

PP: La Center 42, Seton Catholic 6
SC: La Center 32, Seton Catholic 3

ACTUAL: La Center 41, Seton Catholic 14

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