Week 9 playoff possibilities for 4A-1A leagues in SW Washington

With one week to play, several football teams know they are going to be playing in the playoffs – Camas, Columbia River, Kelso, Hockinson, Ridgefield, R.A. Long, La Center, Kalama and Castle Rock.

But exact seeding of those nine teams and the playoff placement of three more teams are yet to be determined.

So here’s what you need to know about Week 9 games and their ramifications

4A Greater St. Helens League

Camas (5-0) is the No. 1 seed

Battle Ground (4-2), Mountain View (3-2) and Skyview (3-2) still alive for last two berths

Next week’s games of relevance

Mountain View vs. Evergreen

Skyview vs. Union

  • If Skyview loses: Battle Ground is No. 2, Mountain View is No. 3
  • If Skyview wins and Mountain View loses: Skyview is No. 2, Battle Ground is No. 3
  • If Mountain View and Skyview win: Battle Ground, Mountain View, Skyview meet on Monday, Nov. 2 in Camas for 3-team tiebreaker to determine two seeds. (To see how that will work, see Paul Valencia’s earlier post).

3A Greater St. Helens League

Kelso (2-0) and Columbia River (2-0) have clinched playoff berths

Next week’s game of relevance

Kelso vs. Columbia River

  • Winner is No. 1 seed to Week 10 playoffs; loser is No. 2

2A Greater St. Helens League

Hockinson (5-0) is No. 1 seed

Ridgefield (4-1) is No. 2 seed

R.A. Long (3-2) is No. 3 seed

Mark Morris (2-3), Woodland (2-4), Hudson’s Bay (1-4) and Washougal (1-4) alive for final spot

Next week’s games of relevance

Mark Morris vs. Washougal

Hudson’s Bay vs. Ridgefield

  • If Mark Morris wins: Mark Morris is No. 4 seed
  • If Mark Morris loses and Hudson’s Bay loses:  Mark Morris, Woodland, Washougal would play a three-team tiebreaker to decide No. 4 seed
  • If Mark Morris loses and Hudson’s Bay win: A four-team tie would be created between Mark Morris, Woodland, Washougal and Hudson’s Bay. Unsure of how tie would be broken.

1A Trico League

Kalama (4-0), La Center (3-1) and Castle Rock (3-1) have clinched playoff berths

Next week’s games of relevance

Kalama vs. Castle Rock

La Center vs. Seton Catholic

  • If Kalama wins: Kalama is No. 1 seed, La Center is No. 2 seed, Castle Rock is No. 3 seed
  • If Kalama and La Center lose: Castle Rock is No. 1 seed, Kalama is No. 2 seed and La Center is No. 3 seed
  • If Kalama loses and La Center wins: A three-team tiebreaker would need to be played to determine district seeding, as No. 1 seed receives a Week 10 bye.
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