Notes on the ‘Big Three’ vs. other football teams in 4A GSHL

Skyview has been a Class 4A team since 2000. Union opened in 2007 and was a 3A program until the 2010 season. Camas became a 4A program in 2012. With that said, since the 2009 season, those three teams are undefeated in league against all the other teams.

The last time Skyview lost* a league game to anyone other than Camas or Union: Week 7 of the 2008 season to Evergreen.
The last time Camas lost a league game to anyone other than Skyview or Union: Week 6 of the 2008 season to Columbia River.
The last time Union lost a league game to anyone other than Camas or Skyview: Week 8 of the 2007 season to Columbia River.

* (Skyview did lose non-league games to Clark County programs Prairie and Columbia River in 2013).

Since 2008, Union is 28-6 in league play — 4-6 against Camas and Skyview, 24-0 against everyone else.
Since 2009, the Papermakers are 32-1 in league play, 6-1 against Skyview and Union. (Camas did not have Skyview nor Union in league play in 2010 and 2011.)
Since 2009, Skyview is 24-5 in league play, 3-5 against Camas and Union.

Records against each other, league and non-league, since 2007:

  • Camas: 4-2 vs. Union; 4-2 vs. Skyview
  • Skyview: 2-4 vs. Camas; 3-4 vs. Union
  • Union: 2-4 vs. Camas; 4-3 vs Skyview

The last time for Battle Ground …

  • Battle Ground beat Skyview: 2004
  • Battle Ground beat Union: never
  • Battle Ground beat Camas: 1992 (but teams did not play again until 2006)

The last time for Mountain View …

  • Mountain View beat Skyview: 2005
  • Mounatin View beat Union: never
  • Mountain View beat Camas: 2007

Source: Thanks to The site is no longer active but its archives remain up to date.

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