Did Morgan Spieth hit two homers in one at-bat?

Union’s Morgan Spieth hit a moon shot Tuesday in the semifinals of the Class 4A district softball tournament, but it did not count.

So, a few pitches later, she hit another.

Both were the kind that makes the crowd go “Oooooooohhhh.” Even those rooting for Battle Ground.

But what was really interesting is that while the first ball was ruled foul, it might have been fair. And it would not have been the umpire’s fault if the call was incorrect.

(Before continuing, it should be noted Battle Ground won this game 3-2 and will face Camas on Wednesday for the district championship. Union is alive in the consolation bracket.)

Anyway, there is a temporary fence for the softball field at Battle Ground High School. Then a larger fence 15 yards behind the temporary fence, which is the boundary for the campus. The foul pole is on the larger fence.

Spieth’s first shot went down the left-field line, hooking, and the ball went just foul of the pole. Just a bit, you see. But remember, the pole is 15 yards beyond the softball fence. If the pole was on the temporary fence, I believe the ball would have crossed the temporary fence on the fair side of the foul pole. I was about 15 feet away. Standing with me were three Battle Ground fans. They all agreed the ball looked fair to them.

Funny thing: Union coach Alex Perry never argued because he saw exactly what the umpire saw: The ball did travel on the wrong side of the foul pole.

Anyway, the three Battle Ground fans all said “Good call” to the ump, with big smiles, knowing their team might have gotten away with one there.

A few pitches later, Spieth hit another shot. Once again, she cleared both fences. This time, no question. Home run Titans.

Later, I was told the temporary fence was 210 feet from home plate. The larger fence, we paced off, is 15 yards beyond the temporary fence, meaning it’s 255 feet from home. Both of the moon shots cleared the larger fence. So it’s safe to say that those sofballs traveled 270 feet.

No truth the rumor that the softballs were found in La Center. But they looked like this on their way off campus:


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