Columbian releases first area Prep Power Rankings; Fans can vote on their own

We’re trying something new this year at The Columbian.

The Columbian will publish its weekly Prep Power Rankings of teams in Southwest Washington. And we’re giving fans a chance for them to rank the area teams.

This is NOT a power ranking of the best teams head-to-head. Rather, it’s a power ranking of the best teams pound-for-pound.

Each team was rated based on their strength in relation to their classification. So if we ranked La Center higher than Skyview, we’re not saying La Center is better than Skyview. We’re saying that La Center is a better 1A team than Skyview is a 4A team.

Here’s what we came up with, with number showing the average placing in the voting by Columbian staffers and 24.0 being the highest number possible.

1. Union (4A) 23.75
2. Camas (4A) 21.75.
3. La Center (1A) 21.50
4. Columbia River (3A) 21.25
5. Skyview (4A) 20.25
6. Hockinson (2A) 18.00
7. Evergreen (4A) 17.75
8. Mark Morris (2A) 16.67
9. Battle Ground (4A) 15.50
10. Mountain View (4A) 15.25

Now it’s the fans’ turn. We want you rate each team pound-for-pound.

Another way to think about it: Rate each team by which teams you think has the best chance of advancing deeper in the state tournament in their own classification.

Rank each team on this ballot, from 1 to 24 if you’d like. Or you can just rank the top 5 or 10, and let the rest fall where they may.

We’ll plan on releasing The Columbian’s Power Rankings each Tuesday during the football season, and the Fans’ Power Ranking each Friday.

To vote, click here.

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