A preview of the Day After Report: Week 10

I will have notes on Union’s win over Issaquah. I have notes from Rene Ferran from the La Center victory. I’m going to Mountain View’s game tonight and hope to have notes from the Thunder game. I will also see if we have more notes from Camas and Woodland wins. We had reporters there, too. I will likely mention a thing or two about Skyview and Columbia River, too.

Just an incredible week for Southwest Washington football. If Mountain View wins tonight, it will be a clean sweep for our readership area for Week 10 win-or-done playoff games. I’ve been here since 2001, and I do not believe that has ever happened.

Years ago, I recall only one team making it past Week 10. And that team then lost in Week 11. I was miserable.

Pretty much, life is awesome right now. Football, football, football. Thank God for football.

Anyway, my Day After Report will be posted either late, late Saturday night, early, early Sunday morning, or late Sunday evening. If it is not posted before 10 a.m. Sunday, sorry, the NFL takes priority. Even I need a break sometimes. Fortunately for me, my family understands that the best break for me from football is watching more football!


Paul V.



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