Football preseason notes: Fort Vancouver

I’ve been out to a couple of Fort Vancouver practices the past week or so. It’s fun to see the excitement, even for a program that has had some struggles in recent years. My story on Miro Flores will be in Sunday’s paper. Here are a few more notes about the Trappers.

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Coach: Todd Quinsey
First year
This is Quinsey’s fourth head coaching job. He held two jobs in California and also was the head coach in Sandy, Ore.

Good news, bad news:
After a disappointing first day in terms of turnout, the coaches are thrilled that so many have joined the program.

There were a number of athletes who worked out with the team this summer who did not make it out the first day. Still, the coaches believed most, or all, would eventually get out to the practice field. Sure enough, there were more than a dozen more players out on Thursday than the previous Wednesday.

However, there are a number of varsity players who will not be eligible for the first game. The good news is it has nothing to do with grades or discipline. Instead, football players are required to attend 12 practices before being cleared to play in a game. A lot of Trappers will not get to 12 before the first game.

Good to see:
She’s back!

Lisa Spangler was spotted at practice. Of course she was. She’s always there. Still a fundamentally sound linebacker.

I profiled her for The Columbian two years ago, when she was a sophomore. After six years of youth football, she was then in her second year of high school football.

Her goal then was to play 10 years of organized tackle football.

Looks like she is going to do just that. Congrats, Lisa.

The internet might not be big enough for this:
In Sunday’s paper, under key players, one name will look like this: Ala Tulenkun.

But that’s because if we used his full name, we would need to add a few more pages of print.

His first name? Alamalealofamanamaleafi.

That’s awesome! That’s 23 letters of awesomeness!

But I’m still going with Ala for the rest of the season.



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