Freedom Bowl West roster (updated)

If you read my story in Saturday’s edition of The Columbian, you already know that the West all-stars for the Freedom Bowl Classic did not have a high turnout at the first meeting of the week. Since then, players and coaches worked the phones and there will be a game tonight. Here is the updated West roster.

(I will try to get an updated East roster before the game Saturday. That team had more than 35 at practice mid-week, but the coaches were finalizing the roster late in the week.)

WEST Roster

Jordan Berni, Skyview (No. 8)
Terelle Bolton, Columbia River (9)
Jacob Buslach, Hudson’s Bay (12)
T.J. Brumfield, Hudson’s Bay (5)
Anthony Chamberlain, Skyview (41)
John Cormican, Battle Ground (50)
Ryan Creston, Ridgefield (72)
Eli Evenson, Columbia River (6)
Clayton Farr, Ridgefield (24)
Mica Figueroa, Columbia River (57)
Raymond Figuracian, Hudson’s Bay (25)
Kevin Haynes, Battle Ground (38)
Zach Hudson, Columbia River (10)
Trevor Ingram, Battle Ground (21)
Vila Kaumatule, Hudson’s Bay (51)
Manny Martinez, Battle Ground (85)
Jawara Pennington, Columbia River (2)
Jake Sachen, Battle Ground (14)
Tony Sparrow, Skyview (4)
Junior Valencia, Hudson’s Bay (40)
Grant Vargo, Skyview (55)
Kevin Washington, Skyview (81)
Rayshawn Wess, Skyview (13)
Rayvon Wess, Skyview (44)
Bruce Yarwood, Battle Ground (72)

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