Fort AD supports baseball team, coach in tough situation

The score made readers do a double take.

Wait, what?

The Fort Vancouver baseball team lost 30-1 on Thursday. Yes, 30-1.

This might be the low point of a very long season, but the Fort Vancouver athletic director said there is hope for the future. And, he said, there is something to appreciate right now.

The Trappers are young and inexperienced. Some are playing baseball for the first time this season. But at least they are playing, according to Dirk Hansen.

“I feel horrible for my kids. But what are you going to do? Give up? No. You fight back,” Hansen said.

The AD also said he has the right guy to lead that fight in coach Owen Frasier.

“He’s going to turn it around. I totally support my coach,” Hansen said. “He’s going through a hard time. The kids are going through a hard time. I’m proud of the kids who are still there. We’re going to celebrate those kids.”

Hansen watched as the Trappers raked their field Thursday. He noticed how dedicated they were. Proof, he said, of how much they care.

“They have courage, and they’re brave to take it on,” Hansen said of playing through this difficult season. “That’s more than I can say for the kids who quit.”

Hansen said he had several people ask if the Trappers could cancel the varsity schedule and just play a junior varsity schedule this year. No way, was his answer.

“We’re a part of the Greater St. Helens League. We’re going to compete,” he said.

The team is taking its hits this season. Hansen said this year’s players should be proud of their effort, despite the scores, because these guys are sticking it out.

“Everybody loves a winner. Everyone’s happy when you’re winning,” he said. “But how do you deal with life’s adversities? You gotta get back up.”


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