public health

TB on the rise in Washington

The number of tuberculosis cases in Washington rose by 7 percent last year, catching the attention of public health officials across the state. In 2015, Washington health officials recorded 208 cases […]

Gonorrhea reaches outbreak levels in Clark County

Clark County is currently experiencing a gonorrhea outbreak. Dr. Alan Melnick, county health officer, said Clark County Public Health recorded 94 cases of the sexually transmitted disease during the fourth quarter […]

Teen pregnancies a two-way street

The Chicago Department of Public Health has launched a provocative new prevention campaign that depicts teen pregnancy responsibility as a two-way street. How? With attention-grabbing images of “pregnant” teenage boys. Images like […]

Proposal to raise cigarette age limit in NYC

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t the only city official who has placed a bull’s-eye on cigarettes. A proposal introduced Monday by the New York City Council would raise the […]

Obese driving risk

Here’s an obesity stat you may not have heard before: Obese drivers are significantly more likely to die in a traffic collision than people of normal weight. That’s according to new […]

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