physical activity

Occupational Health: Heart risks vary by profession

Older workers in sales, office-support and service jobs are at higher risk for heart disease and stroke, according to new research. The research found that although more than 88 percent of […]

Find your personal calorie number

Ever wonder how many calories you should be eating in order to maintain your weight or drop a few pounds? The folks at the National Institutes of Health have you covered. […]

Preschoolers aren’t getting enough exercise

An observational study of Seattle preschoolers found the children were presented with only 48 minutes of active play opportunities per day. The most frequent active play opportunity was outdoor free play […]

Let’s Move … with soda endorsers?

So many people are talking about getting America’s youth healthier. Much of that is likely thanks to the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign. The campaign encourages kids to eat healthful foods, […]

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