More than half of uninsured are eligible for financial help

While more than 600,000 Washington residents remain uninsured, new estimates suggest more than half of those who are uninsured are eligible for financial assistance. A new report by the Kaiser Family […]

Washington uninsured rate keeps dropping

A new Gallup poll shows the uninsured rate continues to drop in most states – including Washington. In fact, Washington ranked fifth among states with the biggest declines in uninsured rates […]

Affordable Care Act turns 3

The Affordable Care Act turned 3 years old this weekend. Saturday marked the third anniversary since President Obama signed the health reform bill into law. And even after three years, the […]

Test your Medicaid knowledge

Think you know Medicaid? Prove it. The Kaiser Family Foundation created a quiz to test your knowledge about the federal Medicaid program. You can take the quiz here. The 10-question quiz tests […]

Below-average Washington

The state of Washington is below average. And that’s a good thing. The Kaiser Family Foundation has created a sort of report card for the states, detailing the percentage of the […]

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