A 3-year-old was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

An American toddler was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes – the form typically referred to as “adult-onset” because it’s most common among the middle-aged and elderly. The girl, who weighs […]

Obesity and smoking causing more deaths

Fewer Americans are dying from diseases attributable to high blood pressure and high cholesterol but more are dying from ailments associated with high body mass index (BMI) and smoking, according […]

“Fat letters” aren’t influencing teens

Turns out those so-called “fat letters” informing parents that they have an overweight child aren’t leading to weight loss among adolescents. In the last few years, more and more schools have […]

American waistlines continue to grow

The average waistline of Americans grew by more than an inch in the last decade. In addition to the growing waistlines, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found […]

Obese professions

About 28 percent of U.S. workers are obese. But some professions are more obese than others. At the top of the list of most obese is public administration with about 36 […]

Did the ‘Biggest Loser’ lose too much?

How much weight loss is too much? That’s the question the Twitter users and health officials are weighing in on today, following last night’s season finale of the “Biggest Loser.” The show’s […]

‘Fat letters’ are back

Earlier this year, schools in North Andover, Mass., were under fire for their approach to combating obesity. Schools were measuring students’ height and weight to determine their body mass indexes. Parents […]

Fat letters

One school district’s approach at combating obesity is facing criticism from parents of students who received “fat letters.” Schools in North Andover, Mass., measured students’ height and weight to determine their […]

Self-fulfilling chubby prophecy

Apparently, just perceiving yourself as fat can lead to extra pounds. A researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that teenagers who feel fat, but aren’t actually fat, […]

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