Month: July 2017

OHSU researchers reportedly created genetically modified human embryos

Researchers in Portland have reportedly become the first group in the U.S. to create genetically modified human embryos. MIT Technology Review reports that an OHSU team led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov changed […]

Child with HIV in remission without drugs since infancy

A newly announced case study shows that a 9-year-old child diagnosed with HIV as a 1-month-old and treated during infancy remains in remission some eight years after the drug regimen […]

Tenn. inmates undergo vasectomies to shave off jail time

Inmates in one Tennessee county are having their sentences reduced in exchange for undergoing vasectomies or receiving long-term birth control. Jail inmates in White County, Tenn., can receive 30 days off […]

Vancouver ranks among most stressed cities

Hey Vancouver, relax. An analysis by WalletHub of the most stressed cities across the country ranked Vancouver as No. 54. That makes Couv residents less stressed than people living in Tacoma […]

Experimental Zika virus vaccines protect against congenital damage

Two experimental vaccines have been found to restrict Zika virus transmission from pregnant mice to their fetuses and prevent damage to the placenta and fetal demise. Scientists from the National Institutes […]

Senate Republicans’ health care bill, take two

Senate Republicans on Thursday introduced a revised version of their Obamacare replacement bill. And Senate Democrats from Washington were quick to pounce. “Well, if President Trump called the House bill ‘mean’ in […]

Incidence of cardiac arrest dropped under ACA

A new study shows the incidence of cardiac arrest dropped “significantly” under the Affordable Care Act. The incidence of sudden cardiac arrest declined among previously uninsured, middle-aged adults who acquired health […]

Poll: Majority support free birth control

The majority of people, regardless of political party affiliation, support the requirement for private health plans to cover the full cost of birth control, according to a recent poll. The June […]

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