New year, new health trends

Paleo and gluten-free diets. Zumba and CrossFit classes.

Every year, new food and fitness trends sweep the country.

The Washingtonian magazine came up with this list of trends to expect in 2013 (for more on the trends, visit the Washingtonian story):

  1. Tracking health. “Expect your friends and family to become data-crunching fiends with their smartphones, Nike Fuel Bands, and FitBit gadgets.”
  2. Teff over quinoa. “Quinoa was so last year. Teff, another whole grain that is also high in protein and gluten free, is likely to be quinoa’s rival in 2013.”
  3. More hybrid fitness classes. “We’ve tried so many fitness-combo classes we can’t imagine what else studios will come up with—but we’re ready for them.”
  4. Kale competitors. “Watch out, kale. While the superfood is still beloved, dark, leafy greens in general are becoming more mainstream.”
  5. More themed races. “Serious runners may scoff at themed races, but we’re all for them if it encourages more people to get out and run.”
  6. Tumeric in every dish. “Like ginger, turmeric is touted for its anti-inflammatory properties and gives soups and dishes a golden color.”
  7. Health in the workplace. “A recent study found that wellness at work is a growing trend, with more companies offering gym discounts and group health activities.”
  8. More biking, less driving. (This one seems to be directed more specifically at D.C.)
  9. Paleo and gluten-free diets. “These diets, which eliminate processed and wheat-based foods, respectively, are likely here to stay through 2013.”

Do you agree with these trends? What other trends do you expect to see in 2013?

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