Couch potato kids

Couch potato kids top the list of American adults’ biggest concerns about kids’ health, according to a new survey.

The National Poll on Children’s Health, conducted by University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, surveys adults about the biggest health issues facing children.

“Not enough exercise” topped the list, with 39 percent of adults rating it as a “big problem” in 2012.

Inactivity beat out other big problems like bullying, teen pregnancy and child abuse.

The top five big problems included childhood obesity at 38 percent; smoking and tobacco use at 34 percent; drug abuse at 33 percent and bullying at 29 percent.

Here’s a graphic on the top 10 big problems:


The concerns did vary slightly by race/ethnicity. But whites, blacks and Hispanics all identified obesity and not enough exercise as top three problems.

White people rated not enough exercise as the biggest problem at 38 percent. Childhood obesity was No. 2 at 37 percent, and drug abuse was No. 3 with 32 percent.

Black people ranked the top problems as smoking/tobacco use (43 percent), not enough exercise (36 percent) and childhood obesity (32 percent).

Hispanics ranked childhood obesity as the top problem (44 percent) followed by not enough exercise (38 percent) and drug abuse (38 percent).

How would you rank the issues affecting children’s health?

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