Month: December 2011

Disappearing breast implant

A children’s song told us about the old lady who swallowed a fly. But what about the lady whose body swallowed her breast implant? This month, the New England Journal of Medicine […]

Gym etiquette for newcomers

With the start of a new year comes New Year's resolutions. That means gyms across the county will be flooded with newcomers -- resolution-makers determined to meet that goal of dropping […]

County urges healthy office snacks

With holiday baking at full steam, you’re likely being tempted regularly with sugary treats at your workplace. In the newsroom, this week alone, the offerings have included peanut butter and Snickers […]

Death by neti pot

Nasal rinses with neti pots or squeeze bottles have become increasingly popular for treating colds, allergies and sinus troubles. But as an NPR blog post says, “It’s not such a great […]

Gift of Lift Christmas

Last week, I wrote a story about a clothing drive launched by Vancouver surgeon Allen Gabriel. His office, Southwest Medical Group Plastic Surgery, unveiled last month its Gift of Lift campaign […]

Here’s to beer in your eye

About 20 percent of people in a recent survey admitted to cringe-worthy behavior: soaking their contact lenses in “alternative” solutions. Among the most disturbing: butter and petroleum jelly. Bausch + Lomb, a […]

2011 Clark County Public Health report to the community

Clark County public health this week sent out its 2011 report to the community. The report reads as a summary of the agency's accomplishments, peppered with some statistics on important […]

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