All-League Teams Run Amok

After taking a look at some of the all-league teams that are rolling in — like this one and this one, I think it’s time to pull out this column again.

A total of 16 players received first-team all-league honors in Class 3A softball. A total of 15 players were first-team in Class 3A baseball. Last time I checked, having that many players on the field would be against the rules. And that’s in a seven-school league, meaning more than two players per school are “first-team” all-league.

C’mon coaches. Do we really need four outfielders, a utility player AND a designated player on the all-league softball team? Or two catchers, four outfielders AND two utility players on the all-league baseball team? Then, on the baseball second team, there were four more outfielders and two more utility players.

As I wrote 18 months ago in the column linked above, this is getting a little ridiculous.

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