Month: May 2012

All-League Teams Run Amok

After taking a look at some of the all-league teams that are rolling in — like this one and this one, I think it's time to pull out this column […]

Clint Coulter Is Keeping Busy

RiverAveBlues, a Web sight devoted to the New York Yankees, has a brief profile of Union catcher Clint Coulter. With the Major League Baseball draft less than two weeks away, […]

Good Work

Congratulations to the many, many Columbian reporters who were honored by the Society of Professional Journalists. A lot of great work by a lot of talented people. […]

More About The Baltimore Orioles

Last week's By the Numbers column took a look at 20 factoids about the Baltimore Orioles. Many thanks to one reader who pointed out a glaring omission. As Dave Sloan wrote, […]

The Truth About Clutch Shots

Much talk today about the fact that Kobe Bryant didn't touch the ball on the final possession of the Lakers' Game 2 loss to the Thunder. Assertions such as "Michael […]

And You Thought Perfect Games Were Rare

Here's a cool list of things that have happened once, and only once in the major leagues. Naturally, Johnny Vander Meer's back-to-back no-hitters are on there. But there's also a triple […]

Competitors Just Want To Compete

Sunday's column was about a high school baseball team forfeiting a championship game rather than facing a team that had a girl. I sought out some expert commentary for the […]

Useful Information About Youth Football

In case you missed it, last week I raised the issue of what kinds of questions parents should ask in the wake of Junior Seau's suicide. Namely, should parents be […]

The Way The Olympics Were Meant To Be Seen

Good news for people who actually watch the Olympics for the competition: All events will be available live online for the first time. From The Associated Press: NBC executives decided to […]

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