The Only Thing That Matters In The Super Bowl

I don’t care whether it’s a close game, or Reggie Bush scores four touchdowns, or Peyton Manning shoots a new commercial between quarters. I have only one wish for the Super Bowl:

I hope The Who has the good sense to pull out the fringe jacket and the white jump suit for the halftime show. Can you imagine Townshend leaping around in that white jump suit at the age of 64? That would be a whole heaping helping of awesomeness.

In case you missed it, the group has announced its playlist for the performance. The only drawback: No “My Generation,” which would seem to be an obvious selection.

I got to see Townshend and Daltrey in the Rose Garden a couple years ago, on this tour. You can never replace Keith Moon and John Entwistle, but one thing worth noting: Zak Starkey is a heck of a drummer.

Enjoy the halftime show.

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