More On The Masoli Case

John Canzano adds some perspective about theft allegations at the University of Oregon that might or might not involve Jeremiah Masoli.

In fact, in the last five years, police have made 57 calls to the fraternity house to take reports that range from public disturbance to someone throwing bricks through a window to a second-floor fire to vandalism to loud music to a report of two people passed out on the front lawn. . . .

Because what we have in this case is either a student who has slung some terribly false accusations. Or we have football players who have betrayed their university and the fans who cheer for them by turning into rogue criminals. Or maybe, too, we have a police department that is weary from sending patrol cruisers and detectives to the SAE house. Credibility is at stake for all three. As they say, the truth will come out. But it might require patience.

Point well taken.

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