Month: January 2010

More On The Masoli Case

John Canzano adds some perspective about theft allegations at the University of Oregon that might or might not involve Jeremiah Masoli. In fact, in the last five years, police have made […]

Blazers As Tortured Franchise

It's OK, Blazer fans, Bill Simmons feels your pain. In examining the Vikings' epic loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship Game, the columnist revisits his Levels of Losing […]

Great Blazers And All-NBA Teams

Nice column by Brian T. Smith today, arguing that Brandon Roy eventually will rank as the greatest of all Blazers. Which led to an interesting follow-up discussion here and here. Smith […]

Better Watch Out For Flying Pigs Today

Not a lot of surprises on the list of reserves for the NBA All-Star Game. Brandon Roy is there. Kevin Durant is there. But there is one name that, going […]

Baseball Player Hears A Calling

Interesting story in the past week about Grant Desme, a top prospect in the Oakland A's organization who is quitting baseball to begin studying for the priesthood. And it reminded […]

Stay Classy, Oregon

Nobody is confirming or denying it at this point, but doesn't the silence surrounding Jeremiah Masoli and accusations of theft sound damning? Masoli's name has been connected with a theft on […]

Inside Baseball: Felix and The Verducci Effect

Sunday's column was a further look at the Mariners' signing of Felix Hernandez for five years. Which led one reader to bring up the interesting specter of the Verducci Effect. The […]

Future Of The Seahawks

Tim Martinez, assistant Sports editor of The Columbian, brought up a great point about new Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Isn't Carroll — the guy charged with turning the Seahawks into contenders, […]

Mark McGwire, Reality Star?

In addition to being a Hall of Fame pitcher, Ferguson Jenkins might have a future as a TV executive. Here's a story from The Associated Press: NEW YORK -- Ferguson Jenkins […]

Is Felix Hernandez Worth It?

The Mariners reportedly are close to signing Felix Hernandez for five years and $78 million. Hernandez is one of the most valuable properties in baseball, and it is important for […]

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