The Coaching World Goes Round and Round

Musings on the coaching carousel in the football world:

Had a column Saturday about the Seahawks’ wooing of Pete Carroll. Not sure why anybody would see Carroll as the savior for an NFL team, but that pretty much sums up the state of the Seahawks right now.

Steve Kelley was a little more direct in his criticism:

Pete Carroll? Really? Is that all the Seahawks have for their beleaguered fans? . . .

What’s happening here? Since when did this franchise become Cirque du Seahawk? Who’s running this team? Barnum? Or Bailey? Maybe they should put a big top over Qwest Field next season.

Kelley followed up with a column after Carroll’s introductory news conference.

All of which led to USC hiring Lane Kiffin, who Bill Plaschke says is a lighweight for a heavyweight program.

The inexplicable thing is how Kiffin keeps getting hired. At the age of 30, he was hired as the Oakland Raiders’ head coach. That can be explained by the fact that Al Davis is insane. But when that experiment ended with Kiffin’s firing after 20 games, he was hired by Tennessee. He went 7-6 last year, and his win total was doubled by the number of times he put his foot in his mouth. Now he’s the USC coach.

The guy must give a heck of an interview.

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