Month: September 2011

How is your sweet tooth this busy season?

We all have one, you know that right? Everyone has a sweet craving of some sort from time to time, even if they'd rather not admit it. There is no […]

Cooking ahead to optimize your time.

Our schedules are so full these days. In addition to the typical work, school and family responsibilities, we are all working so hard to stretch every dollar. You know what […]

Muffins…breakfast on the go or the perfect snack.

Simple goodness, that's what muffins are! I love them. They can be sweet or savory, a quick breakfast or a tasty treat in the afternoon with a cup of tea. […]

Bread….are you still looking for it?

Let's face it, living a gluten-free lifestyle often means that bread is often less than satisfying. So often, finding a good bread to make a sandwich with is the focus […]

Crock Pot and Rice Cooker…a busy mom's best friends!

Are you a busy mom? I think the name "mom" is an obvious give away that you are! My life is extremely busy homeschooling three kids, running a small hobby […]

Classroom party time…how to keep the gluten out.

With the start of a new school year your kids will make new friends, classmates and have a lot of opportunities for class parties. With thirty kids in a classroom, […]

Busy fall schedules and feeding your family well.

How many different directions do you see your family going this fall? Even if you have just two children, chances are they are both involved in different activities. That can […]

Tasty after school snack ideas.

What kid doesn't come home after a long day at school completely starving? It's always amazing to me how hungry kids can get while learning, playing and doing all that […]

Quick breakfast ideas for back to school!

Can you believe it? It's that time again! Yep, you guessed it, back to school. This time of year can bring with it an overwhelming list of things to […]

I'll trade you a pudding snack for those cookies!

How often does that phrase ring out at the lunch tables of every school in the country? Do your kids ever have tasty treats in their lunch box that would […]

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