Mary Moreno, Vancouver
A year or so ago, I began taking a drug prescribed by my physician. Not long afterward, I began perceiving objects unrelated to my surroundings.

When the prescription ran out, my physician said that the pills were not helping me with my condition, and after that my nightly visits stopped. But it was sort of fun while it lasted.
But that’s not the end of the story.

Recently, my husband and I were in the bedroom trying to sleep, and I saw people in our room. They came through the open doors, walking slowly toward my husband.
There were two tall men walking in a straight line and next a young lad. They looked like ghosts, dressed not in white but translucent in black, with white somewhat outlining their physique and facial features. They had hoods on.
They did not touch my husband, only hovered over him as they lingered in silence. They looked like they wondered who he was.
I turned my head toward the foot of our bed and saw small bushes, like tumbleweeds, bouncing all over the bed and onto the bookshelves as if they were looking for something to read. They disappeared when I fell asleep, but they’ve returned night after night.
Could they be ghosts? I don’t know.

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