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Possible ghost photo at Buzz's Bar and Grill from Terri Heine

Possible ghost photo at Buzz’s Bar and Grill from Terri Heine

Back in 2003 I worked at Buzz’s Sports Bar & Grill in Battle Ground. Most days, I had to open and be by myself for about an hour before customers arrived.
The bar had seven TVs, and the one I used would often be on when I walked in. I talked with the owners and the night bartender, and they swear they shut it off before leaving. 
There was also a drawer that would open by itself at odd times.
The cash register drawer often had a dime placed on either side when you opened it — and if you put the dimes back where they belonged, about an hour later they’d be back on either side.
People would be sitting at the bar and all of a sudden someone would say something cold just walked by them.
One time, we were holding a reception for the cook and I took a picture. It was very dark, so I lightened the picture and saw what appears to be an apparition.
I asked the manager, who said she’d seen a ghostly figure disappear from the bar before, if the person she saw had long hair and was wearing blue.
She said yes. When I showed her the picture, she said it was the ghost of someone named Mary.
There was another incident when the owner thought there was a fire in the basement. Employees rushed down to check it out and they saw nothing, but when they went back upstairs they saw something on the surveillance camera that looked like smoke, which was moving slightly.
It was a smoking establishment, but no one had been there for hours.
I took a picture of the what I saw in the video and sent it to a paranormal society website. They investigated and told me the person’s name was Mary, and she ran a brothel on the property way back when.
Terri Heine works for The Columbian.

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