Month: May 2013

How to Prune Lilacs

Lilacs grow so vigorously in the Pacific Northwest that they eventually become trees instead of shrubs. June is the time to prune lilacs. If you would like to turn your […]

Should I pick up lawn clippings?

There is a continuing debate about whether it is better to pick up grass clippings or let them remain on the lawn. The biggest advantage to letting clippings fall between […]

More Successful Flower Plantings

Question: I would like to follow your suggestion to plant more flowers. I have not always been successful in picking the best varieties for a particular situation or combining flower […]

Safe Organic Pest Control

Question: I have leaf miners ruining my lettuce and maggots ruining my radishes. Is there any control for these pests that does not leave dangerous chemical residues on my food? Answer: […]

Mulch reduces weeds and improve soil

The underlying principle for mulching is “the best way to improve any soil is to add organic matter”. No matter how good or how poor your soil is, organic matter […]

Preventing Weeds

The first thing I have to tell you about weed preventers is THE BEST ONES ARE CHEMICALS! Ooh that ugly word. But there is at least one natural weed preventer […]

Keep Planting Flowers

I have had an amazing experience this spring planting colorful flowers. It has brought so much joy for me and those I have helped. And there is still plenty of […]

Raise Mowing Height, Lawn Renovation

The best height for mowing most lawns is 2 to 3 inches. Grass mowed shorter than 1½ inches has a shallow root system which is subject to drought stress. You […]

Watch out for slug damage on newly planted flowers and vegetables

Question: Slugs damaged a lot of my flowers and vegetables last year right after I planted them. They also riddled my Hostas. Would it be helpful to control them before […]

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