Keep Planting Flowers

I have had an amazing experience this spring planting colorful flowers. It has brought so much joy for me and those I have helped. And there is still plenty of time to plant more flowers. There has never been this kind of availability of flowers in all kinds, sizes and types. And it just gets better year after year.

 Here are some testimonials: “I can’t believe how much satisfaction those 5 Rozanne geraniums have brought me. Every time I come home they greet me in front of my house. They have been in bloom since the day they were planted. They just keep getting bigger and better. And they will still be there next year and the years after.”

 “Allen convinced me to spend $500 to plant flowers in beds viewed from my back windows, deck and patio. That’s as least 5 times what I have spent before. My friends have raved about their beauty. My wife smiles every morning when she looks out the kitchen window. Talk about something to create an uplifting outlook at the beginning of the day. I spend more than $500 for a weekend at the beach. That is gone in 3 days. These flowers will keep giving me pleasure for months and years.”

 “I quit planting flowers in the front of my shrub beds years ago because I couldn’t keep up with the weeds. Allen showed me how to use weed preventer and mulch to eliminate 95% of the weeds. A few minutes a week is all it takes to keep them maintained. My husband has caught me talking to the flowers when I am out checking on them.”

 “Allen placed 7-1 gallon flower plants in A bed near our entry. They looked so cute I just could not resist planting them. In less than an hour I have a colorful spot that my neighbors compliment me on.”

 Have I convinced you yet? I am on a relentless campaign to get everyone to plant more flowers.

 So now here is your homework assignment: Go find an empty spot in your yard that you see frequently that could use some color. If you don’t have an open bed, remove a patch of lawn in front of shrubs. Measure the size and note what time of day and how long the sun shines on that spot. What kind of soil do you have? What are your favorite colors?

 Now go to your favorite full service nursery. They will help you pick out the right flowers for that spot . Be sure to ask about fertilizer, weed preventer and mulch. And if you don’t want to go to all that effort yourself, call me and I will do it for you. 360-606-5437.

 Okay, you say, tell me how to use weed preventers and mulches to reduce weed problems. That information will be in the Columbian garden blog in the next few days. For more information on planting flowers, go to and click on flowers under how to guide.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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