Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs

The ideal time to prune flowering shrubs such as Rhododendrons is soon after they have bloomed. This is the time when shrubs can be shaped or shortened without affecting next year’s bloom. We have about two months to prune before new flower buds are formed for next spring. It is not necessary to prune flowering shrubs if you are happy with their shape and size. However, if they have overgrown sidewalks or windows, now is the best time to prune. Most shrubs also develop some dead wood as older branches are shaded by new growth. If it is hidden inside where you can’t see it, don’t worry about it. If it is affecting the beauty of the plant, remove it now.

Do not shear shrubs with power clippers unless you want them to look like hedges. You will create artificially dense growth and unnatural shape. Prune branches one at a time shortening inside surrounding foliage.

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