Month: June 2012

Move Bulbs While You Can Find Them

The leaves of most daffodil, tulip and other spring flowering bulbs are now turning from yellow to brown. The leaves can be easily and safely removed now without disrupting the […]

Trimmers Damage Trees

There are several good reasons to keep a mulched area around the base of trees growing in a lawn area. The most important reason is that mowers and line trimmers […]

Spray and Thin Apple Trees

If you want apples without worm holes, regular biweekly spraying with a fruit tree spray is necessary. If you do not have a lot of untreated apple trees nearby, you […]

Mulches reduce weeds and improve plant growth

Nothing makes a flower or shrub bed look neat and attractive like a fresh application of mulch. In the Pacific Northwest, bulk bark dust is readily available and inexpensive. If […]

Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs

The ideal time to prune flowering shrubs such as Rhododendrons is soon after they have bloomed. This is the time when shrubs can be shaped or shortened without affecting next […]

Remove Sprouts on Recently Pruned Trees

June is a critical time to remove those fast growing vertical sprouts that occur after trees are pruned in the fall, winter, or early spring. This is particularly true for […]

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