Fall Weed Control

Fall is an ideal time to control weeds because they are actively sending food to their roots for storage. The weed killer gets translocated clear to the roots along with the food.

Lawn weeds can be controlled with a granular weed and feed product if you have not fertilized your lawn yet this fall. Liquid lawn weed killers are most efficient when you have only a few weeds.

Granular weed preventing compounds such as Preen (and similar products containing Trifluralin) can be applied around perennial flowers to prevent most of those winter weeds which begin to sprout about now.

This is an excellent time to spray wild blackberry and other woody plants with brush killer containing triclopr. Roundup or other weed killers containing glyphosate will kill most other weeds growing in unplanted areas and around trees and shrubs. It is especially effective in killing unwanted grass. Roundup will not damage trees and shrubs as long as you keep it off their leaves.

After you have removed or killed weeds growing around trees and shrubs, Casoron granular weed preventer can be applied. It will prevent almost all weed growth for a year. Another way to prevent weed growth around shrubs and trees is to mulch with bark dust or other materials. Most weed seeds require light to germinate. Mulch prevents light from reaching the weed seeds near the top of the soil. Woven fabric mulch also blocks light and creates a physical barrier to weed growth.

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