Month: October 2011

Give indoor plants more light

As the sun gets lower in the winter sky and days become shorter, less and less natural light reaches indoor plants. We also have more cloudy days in winter, which […]

Prevent Moss Buildup

As the wet weather returns, moss starts growing again in shaded and other areas which stay constantly moist on top of the soil. Applying “Moss Out” or other moss killing […]

Pick up leaves with your lawn mower

If there are a lot of big trees around your lawn, you know that it is difficult to keep the leaves picked up this time of year. As soon as […]

Plant Bulbs in Pots for Indoor Bloom

Besides planting bulbs outside this time of year, you can also plant them in pots or other containers for bloom this fall and winter inside your home. Most bulbs need […]

Fall Weed Control

Fall is an ideal time to control weeds because they are actively sending food to their roots for storage. The weed killer gets translocated clear to the roots along with […]

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