Hardy Vegetables and Flowers Can Be Planted Now

Vegetables and annual flowers are divided into two groups: hardy or cool season, and tender or warm season. The hardy group likes cooler weather and will handle temperatures 6 or more degrees below freezing. It is safe to plant them now. The tender group likes warmer weather and can be damaged by frost.
Vegetables are easily divided into two groups. If you eat the roots, leaves or flower buds (broccoli, cauliflower), it is hardy. If you eat the fruit, it is tender with the exception of peas and fava beans which are hardy.
Hardy annual flowers which can be planted now include pansy, viola, petunia, snapdragon, alyssum, carnation, dianthus, calendula, cosmos, African daisy, dusty miller, gazania, nasturtium, poppy, blue salvia and sweet pea.link text All perennial flowers are hardy and can be planted now.
Tender annuals do not grow well until the weather warms—usually in May. Remember last year when the weather did not warm up until late June? That is why tender or warm season vegetables like tomatoes and squash did not grow well until mid summer. Hopefully this spring will be more normal.

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