Month: October 2012

Healthy Looks

Confession: For a long time my weight loss efforts were tied to me achieving a certain look, and I associated being healthy with that look. It wasn't until I started […]

Dream & Believe

We've covered a lot of ground over the past few months in our "5 or 50" Women's Sustainable Weight Loss & Lifestyle meetings: Sustainability, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into […]

Thank ya!

Hold up. Wait a minute. Pause. Thank ya. Thank ya. Thank ya. Sometimes I get caught up. Sometimes I need to slow down. Sit still. First and foremost, to God for all […]

Word spin

Choose your words wisely they are meaningful. "I hate Monday's," Okay, so you say those words repeatedly. Monday after Monday. You spend your entire weekend dreading Monday. Monday comes and guess […]


As I write, I'm a teary eyed mess. Yesterday, I posted the photos (below) on the Farewell Fatso Facebook page. Soon thereafter, comments started pouring in. "You were always beautiful...Now you're […]

No Sales Pitch

It happens to me all the time. I guess people figure since I'm overweight. Surely, I have to be looking for a way to shed some pounds -- and quick. […]

Girlfriends Half Marathon 2012

Sherri McMillan (Owner of Northwest Personal Training and Fitness) does it again. Along with her staff she put on another great event for a great cause-- bringing together community […]

Celebrating ME!

It's been a long time coming. I've worked hard to get to where I am today. I haven't always been happy, content, and at a peace with myself. So […]


Busy. Busy. Here. There. Everywhere. Book signings, speaking engagements, cooking classes, facilitating women's groups. Then there's all the behind-the-scene stuff, y'all never see. So, here I am again -- in a […]

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