Hey, you! There’s no food in your grocery cart

I cringe when I’m grocery shopping and I peek in someone’s cart to find an assortment of packaged so-called food – CRAP. The sad part is I’m almost certain the person is not aware that they aren’t buying food. Sometimes I have a suspicion based on the selection of crappy items in the cart the shopper feels as if they are buying healthy items (e.g. Yoplait yogurt, Nutri-Grain waffles, diet soda – really). This so-called food was produced in mass quantities in a production warehouse. It can’t be healthy or good for you. Please just take a minute. Pause. Think about it.

Food companies make lots of claims about their products being healthy, but here’s the truth of the matter — most are not. This is advertisement at it’s finest folks. If you are buying mostly items that are packaged in a box or container, and can be purchased with coupons than you are more than likely not eating food. Coupons are just another form of advertising. Ingenious advertising. Oh and warehouse giants such as: Costco. Shake my head. Pharmacies, gas station convenient stores. Oh my goodness.

Sorry, to burst your bubble. But, real food: Fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, lean protein, nuts, and seeds – don’t boast any claims to be healthy or fat-free. Real food speaks for itself. Besides, farmers of real food don’t have the advertising dollar to make such claims. You won’t find coupons in the Sunday paper for real food and there is no buy one get one (BOGO) free deals on Kale.

So much to say about this HUGE subject. I’m running out of time this morning though. I promise we’ll revisit it soon, real soon.

Mark your calendars!
Saturday, April 21st, 1 – 4 p.m.
Cascade Park Community Library
FRESH The Movie
After viewing the film we will discuss our thoughts…It’s time to really start thinking and caring about our food and the environment.

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