Month: March 2012

Retrained Disciplined Brain

My girlfriend called me yesterday -- get this because she needs help getting back on track with her healthy diet and exercise regimen. Calling, me? Seriously, I love it. […]

Right here

I'm guessing that about right here is where most folks would give up. Throw in the towel. It's too hard, frustrating. It's not happening fast enough. You're eating right and […]

Nice touch

I was rummaging through some papers and found a printed copy of an email from one of my admired Seattle University professors, Gary Atkins. It was my senior year. The […]

Next Level

I've been at this for a long time -- battling obesity. The finish line is within sight, but the closer I get to it the harder reaching it seems. I'll […]

Easy come, easy go

Let me tell you, battling obesity is a hard gig. 170 pounds gone forever and I'm still 60 pounds away from my goal. I'm proud to say, during these last […]

5 or 50

I have the pleasure of sharing my story and speaking with lots and lots of women. When I started my bid to fitness and weight loss I was surprised at […]

Fight or Flight

Love, love, love what I do. I've become pretty active in the community sharing my story and helping others: Cooking classes, cookbook, speaking events, and blogging. As a result, […]

Like Marsha

61 years young: A mother, grandmother -- who owns the gym. I tell you, this lady goes hard. She's fearless. Back-to-back cycling classes. No problem. Body Pump, Pilates, you name […]

The Zone

At the start of cycling class, the instructor -- Salina, announced the ride would be a consistent climb in zone three/four. Zone three/four is a nice pace. Your legs burn, […]

Training for life

The other day I was completing a fitness evaluation that asked if I was training for an event. My answer, "Life." I understand the question was meant to determine if […]

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