Sugar: Don’t be fooled

It’s in everything. It can be masked under all sorts of names. Let’s be clear: Sugar is sugar no matter which name they mask it under. Yes, honey and molasses too.

brown sugar
raw sugar
cane juice 
beet juice  
agave syrup 
apple, grape, or orange juice concentrate
confectioner's sugar
baker's sugar
powdered sugar

Next time you reach for your favorite sauce, condiment, potato chips, or even a beer check the label to see if it has one of the hidden sugars — my guess, it probably does. The higher up on the list of ingredients typically means that there is a large amount of the ingredient. So that’s why on some packages you’ll see several different types of sugars listed. Don’t be fooled.

This article gives a more in depth look and may be helpful:

Sugar Overload Curbing America’s Sweet Tooth

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