Cat Tales

Why Cats Suck on Blankets

Does your kitty suck on blankets – or other “feel good” fabrics -- while purring in pure feline bliss? Have you ever pondered the reasons behind this paw-ticular behavior? If so, consider […]

Decoding Your Cat’s Body Language

How adept are you at reading your kitty’s signals? Let’s start with her eyes. In a standoff between two opposing cats, the defender’s pupils will be dilated to widen her peripheral […]

Toilet Paper as a Toy?

Does your cat play constantly and contentedly with toilet paper? Does she unroll it sheet by sheet from its cardboard tube, bat it around, drag it from room to room […]

Cats and Separation Anxiety

Are you surprised when you return home to find that your cat has urinated on your sofa or shredded your favorite shirt? Are you receiving complaints from your neighbors that […]

Cats Who Won’t Cuddle

Does YOUR cat like being lifted up and held? Does she remain in your arms long enough for it to count as a cuddle? Or does she squirm and wriggle […]

Toys: How to Clean and When to Toss

CLEANING Fabric and rope toys: Most can be washed by hand in hot, soapy water or in hot water in your washing machine. While the hot water and detergent kills the […]

The Case for Cat Tunnels

Cat tunnels are the purr-fect way to enrich your kitty’s environment. Why? For the simple – and obvious – reason that cats love to hide. Your particular cat may be hiding […]

Preparing Cats for Your Return to Work

While one of the most enjoyable experiences of working from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic may be the extra time you’ve spent with your cats, the downside may be their […]

6 Reasons to Have a Cat Tree

1. It gives your kitty some purrs-onal space: Cats aren’t as sociable as dogs. At times they may curl up beside you on the couch while at others they may […]

Dealing with Your Cat’s Death

When your cherished cat companion dies, the process of grieving the love you’ve lost is painfully similar to the process of grieving the loss of a beloved family member or […]

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