Cat Tales

Kitty Hair Here, There and Everywhere!

Does cat hair dominate your world? If so, consider the following seven steps to remedy the situation. [caption id="attachment_1733" align="alignleft" width="300"] Lint roller on a green sweater cleanign up any lint […]

The Downside of “Scruffing”

Are you familiar with the term “scruffing” as it relates to our feline friends? Long considered the most effective way of restraining cats, it involves taking the looser skin on the […]

Are Your Feeding Habits Hurting Your Cat?

While felines can be finicky about the food they eat, responsible owners can both improve their pets’ nutritional intake and prevent them from joining the estimated 58 percent of American […]

Why Do Cats Follow You EVERYWHERE?

If you think you have a shadow that looks remarkably like your cat, you’re not the only one. Our cherished kitty companions seem to follow us wherever we go. Have […]

Why Kitty LOVES Sleeping on Top of You

If your cat’s crazy about cuddling, you’re undoubtedly used to waking up and finding a warm, furry body stretched out along your back or chest. Have you ever wondered WHY you’re […]

Tantalizing Tidbits about Cat Tongues

Meow about the marvels of engineering! Presenting the miraculous and multi-faceted cat tongue. Every element of a cat – including her tongue – has, through evolution, been designed for utmost efficiency. One of […]

Cats’ Eye Colors Explained

Did you know? The color of a cat’s eyes originates with the iris -- the colored area encircling the pupil. Comprised of two layers, the stroma and the epithelium, both layers […]

Why Cats Suck on Blankets

Does your kitty suck on blankets – or other “feel good” fabrics -- while purring in pure feline bliss? Have you ever pondered the reasons behind this paw-ticular behavior? If so, consider […]

Decoding Your Cat’s Body Language

How adept are you at reading your kitty’s signals? Let’s start with her eyes. In a standoff between two opposing cats, the defender’s pupils will be dilated to widen her peripheral […]

Toilet Paper as a Toy?

Does your cat play constantly and contentedly with toilet paper? Does she unroll it sheet by sheet from its cardboard tube, bat it around, drag it from room to room […]

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