6 Reasons to Have a Cat Tree

1. It gives your kitty some purrs-onal space: Cats aren’t as sociable as dogs. At times they may curl up beside you on the couch while at others they may choose to be alone — particularly in a multi-pet household. A cat tree provides them with a safe space that’s solely theirs.

2. It’s entertaining: Curiosity is part of a cat’s nature, and being agile and athletic, they will happily jump onto kitchen counters, the refrigerator, and high cupboards – not to mention your furniture — to satisfy their need to explore and stay active. A cat tree, particularly tall ones, can afford them hours of stimulation and fun as they leap from perch to perch and play with, bat about and swat at the tree’s attached toys.

3. It provides exercise: Not only should cats maintain a healthy weight, they must also exercise – and that means frisking and frolicking and jumping around. An elaborate cat tree is the ideal structure to keep them constructively occupied and engaged especially if you’re not home for long periods of time.

4. It helps reduce anxiety: If your cat hides beneath beds or underneath furniture when she hears a loud noise or when guests come to call, provide her with a sense of safety, a “go to” place, in the form of a cat tree. As an added incentive, spray some catnip on its perches and dangling toys and watch her fearfulness slowly dissipate, turning her from anxious to appeased, from cautious to calm.

5. It encourages sharing: Since cats are extremely territorial and would rather fight than share – whether it’s a couch or a windowsill – a cat tree is the perfect solution. Ensuring that all of the cats in a multi-cat household feel safe and “at home” is vital for their mental health. Put up an oversized tree with various levels and perches, thereby enabling them to “mark” their own area and to co-exist peacefully without treading on one another’s paws.

6. It’s a cat’s “castle”: Whatever the breed, all felines feel the need to be kings or queens of their “castles” and the meow-sters of all they survey. In fact, nothing delights them more than climbing onto the highest spot in the room and gazing for hours at their owners below. A tantalizingly tall tower will not only give them a sense of control but also provide them with an attractive alternative to scratching your furniture and covering other high surfaces with their hair. What better place to self-groom in satisfaction while sitting at the highest level of the tree and staring down at the room – and people — below or gazing out the window at the wide and wondrous world?

Nomi Berger

Nomi Berger

Nomi Berger is the bestselling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She is a volunteer writer for Furry Friends in Vancouver, WA and also volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA. For more information about Furry Friends visit www.furryfriendswa.org or contact them at information@furryfriendswa.org or (360) 993-1097

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