Month: May 2017

Cats as Alarm Clocks

Few cat guardians need alarm clocks when their own favorite felines are fixated on the time. Especially early in the morning, when they crave everything from caresses to cat food. Consider, […]

Carefree Cat Road Trips

As creatures of habit who crave their creature comforts, cats don’t always make the best road trip companions. But by mapping out kitty’s trip together with your own, you can […]

A Cat-proofed home is a cat-safe home

A cat-proofed home is a cat-safe home whether your new pet is a newborn kitten or a fully- grown cat. Before that first front paw crosses your threshold for the […]

Adopting Cats with FIV

A cat diagnosed with the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is still an ADOPTABLE cat. What, then, is FIV? [caption id="attachment_708" align="alignleft" width="354"] Magic is a Furry Friends kitty that is available for […]

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