Month: February 2017

Cats CAN Be Calm Around Carriers

Whether a trip in the car or a trip to the vet, a cat carrier is usually involved. And most felines are famous for fleeing the scene at the mere […]

Feral Cats Deserve Warmth This Winter

As the thermometer plunges and the days grow darker earlier and stay colder longer, there are entire colonies of cats that could not survive without the compassion and warmth of […]

How Cats Say “I LUV U”

If only cats spoke “human.” But then, as cat guardians, you’d be missing out on all the other ways your favorite felines say, “I love you.” If you recognize any or […]

Clean Cat Teeth 101

Cat guardians may only see them when their favorite felines yawn or throw hissy fits, but they’re there. Your cat’s teeth! Thirty to be precise, in any cat older than 6 […]

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