Month: September 2016

Clean Cat Ears 101

While your cat’s sensitive ears may discern the distinctive sound of a can of food being opened in the kitchen, a human’s helping hand can ensure those ears remain clear […]

Is Your Cat a “Scaredy” Cat?

Like people, pets deal with stress in their own particular way. Fear can turn any cat into a fraidy cat, instinctively triggering the fight, flight or freeze response in them. […]

Intoducing your cat to your other pets

Imagine handing out treats and name tags at the front door of your home for your new cat and your resident pets. Imagine happy munches and friendly meows or woofs […]

SOS: Keeping Kitty Safe in Emergencies

 As unpleasant as the prospect may seem, planning for emergencies may mean the difference between life and death for the feline member(s) of your human family. And while the ASPCA has […]

Clean Cat Eyes 101

If eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, a cat’s eyes should be the mirrors of their health, hopefully reflecting only GOOD health back at you. As a conscientious cat […]

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