Month: July 2016

Catified Cats Are Satisfied Cats

The verb may be new to the vernacular, but it’s far from a novel concept in “certain circles.” That verb is catification. The creation of a feline-friendly environment catering to a […]

Make Moving Easier for You and Your Cat

Cats, like humans, are creatures of habit. Once comfortable in their surroundings, they are unnerved by change. And trading a familiar home for an unfamiliar one can cause fearfulness and […]

Run Rings Around Ringworm

Despite its name, ringworm is NOT caused by a worm but by a fungus. Known as dermatophytes, these fungi can infect the skin, hair and nails of any cat anywhere and […]

Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Has your puss-in-boots lost the spring in her step? Has he turned tail and taken off at your approach? Has she given her food a sudden “paws down”? Has the […]

Summer Festivities and Feline Safety

  [caption id="attachment_476" align="alignleft" width="640"] Haunce will be safely inside with his brothers and sisters during the 4th of July.[/caption] What would summertime be without Fourth of July celebrations and family reunions, […]

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