Consider me a Twitter agnostic, heading toward convert. I was dragged into Tweeting for The Columbian (SHAMELESS PLUG: @col_cityhall), after doing it for a while in ’08 and quitting because I thought it was dumb.

But, live-Tweeting meetings has been a great way to instantly break news, interact with readers and preserve my sanity.

On Monday, I was Tweeting during the workshop where Frito-Lay asked for a continuation of breaks in its water bill.

I mentioned something Mayor Tim Leavitt said, and tagged his Twitter handle, @leavitt4mayor.

Right away, Jason Williard (@jasondubya), pinged back: “Someone should ask @leavitt4mayor if he is ever going to change his Twitter name now that he is the Mayor. #HintHint”

Me, not one to withhold the snark, responded: “If mayor ever used his twitter acct besides sending out cryptic congressional race tweets maybe he’d notice!” (I at this point was not aware that while he rarely Tweets, Mr. Mayor is dedicated enough to his feed to check it during workshops).

Jason answered: Touché! Perhaps he will take this as a personal challenge before his re-election… Or any campaign.

Not long after, Leavitt himself let us in on his digital eavesdropping by answering both of us: “Good idea!”

Jason: “Ooh… A Name the Mayor contest! May I suggest LeavittIsYourMayor? :-)”

So, it’s on. We here at APIL (All Politics is Local) are now accepting your suggestions to rename the mayor’s Twitter handle! Winner… gets… something!! Maybe a PBS Environmental + Engineering mug?!

Leavitt — apparently inspired by all of that workshop’s talk of snack food production, also had time for this Twitter proclamation: “I love Doritos!”

In response to what kind, cool ranch or nacho, we got a left-field answer: “Spicy hot!”

Maybe if the council passes that water bill break, someone can expect a shipment getting misplaced at his condo?

(Also, though it’s not #FollowFriday, here’s some other relevant Twitter handles: Stephanie Rice is @col_clarkgov; Marissa Harshman is @col_health; Ray Legendre is @col_smallcities; and Eric Florip is @col_enviro).

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