Yacolt asks to be excused

I kind of want to give the Town of Yacolt a hug.

I’m covering for fellow maven Stephanie Rice while she’s off in Idaho or some place. That includes making sure the county commissioners aren’t doing anything terribly newsworthy.

They’re not. But I did see this tidbit on their Tuesday consent agenda:

“Request approval of a request by the Town of Yacolt to waive participation in the 2012 General Election Local Voters’ Pamphlet due to financial hardship.”

Don’t worry, Yacoltians — is that the right word? — you’ll still get your voters pamphlet.

It just won’t contain information on this fall’s operations and maintenance levy, Auditor Greg Kimsey said.

Their estimated savings? $500 to $600.

Guess we need to hope that levy passes.

Kimsey said he had also heard that the town wasn’t sure it could find someone to oppose the levy for the pamphlet.

Maybe that’s a sign the levy will pass?

Good luck, dear Yacolt.

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